Monday, 19 January 2015

LED Lights in Traffic Signals

You might have noticed a range of lights in traffic signals rather than the traditional incandescent bulbs. These lights are a productive replacement to traditional incandescent bulbs inside traffic lights. Not just they’ve a longer durability but they’re much more power efficient compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. Also, the longer lifespan means lower maintenance expenditure.
When it comes to power consumption LED lights are highly effective. Lower power consumption reduces the power cost and also decreases the ecological impact of greenhouse gas discharges from power plants. For your knowledge, the energy use of LEDs can be anywhere between ten watts to twenty-two watts, whereas an incandescent bulb uses 135 watts. A common city with several traffic signals can see big savings a year by replacing the traditional incandescent bulbs with the newest LED units. With such big savings, there can be a chance of employing solar panels rather than electrical energy to produce electricity for the LED units for greater cutback of greenhouse gas discharges.

Traditional incandescent bulbs last only for a few months and the frequent replacement carries a huge financial burden. Traffic has to be discontinued when the bulbs are being substituted. It also cost a huge amount of money to employ people for repairing work. Furthermore, the replacements periods are short when compared to LED bulbs.

Incandescent halogen bulbs have just 1 tungsten filament & once that filament burns, the bulb work no longer and needs instant replacement. At the same time, LED traffic signal lights are made of a range of LED lights & if few of them stop functioning, the traffic signals will still carryon to work.

The benefits in power consumption & operational maintenance expenditures of LED traffic signals overshadow the conventional incandescent halogen traffic signals. These days more and more cities prefer to go with LED as far as their traffic lights are concerned.

These days you can also avail wireless solar traffic lights that are programmed with LEDs. There are so many online retailers of LED traffic lights who can offer you great deals on your purchase, whether it is LED pedestrian light or LED warning light. However, you should always deal with a licensed vendor to make sure about the quality of their LED products.

Overall, investing in LED technology is a profitable option from every perspective, whether it is saving big money on power consumption or eradicating the environmental concerns.


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