Tuesday, 24 January 2017

LED Traffic Signal Module and Head Come with Countless Specialties than Traditional Ones

Today, LED lights have become the prime sources to light together after they attach to any panel comprised of a particular shape. You will find many shapes categorized under LED panels, whose functions vary largely. In this article, you will get details about applications of LED lights in the form of LED traffic modules and LED powered traffic signal heads.

LED Modules

LED modules often come in round shape and users may easily fit such products within sockets present in bulbs. Here, aluminum metal holds the round panel of the module, as it comes with both affordability and reflection. According to experts involved in analysis of LED traffic signal module, one can find more than hundreds of LEDs within a particular LED module. These modules have found their wide applications in traffic signals and in car lights.

Specialties of LED-powered Traffic Module

Until now, more than 30 percent of the total intersections, traffic spots and other similar places involving traffic management in United States have witnessed the application of LED module traffic signal. Reasons for this are as follows:-

• The product has proved to be an innovative optical technology to allow drastic savings on both maintenance and energy costs.

• LED modules always undergo advanced engineering process to achieve thermal management at its superior level.

• LED modules used in traffic signals facilitate for savings of energy and allow maintenance to a highest possible value.

• Experts associated with analysis of LED traffic signal module said that the product gives an eco-friendly solution to users.

• The innovative solution of LED module allows for easy installation into various existing systems of traffic signals.

• Module comes with the ability of maintaining about 70 percent of the luminous intensity even after its operation for a period of 100,000 hours.

• Module incorporated suitable electrical connectors in over molded form to provide a completely weatherized seal.

Traffic Signal Head powered by LED

Similar to traffic modules, LED traffic signal head also provides relatively higher operational efficiency and at the same time, allows for 7 watts of less consumptions of power as compared to already existing units powered by LED. In addition, the latest integrated type of traffic signal housing remains sealed from moisture and comes with relatively higher warranty period as compared to any other traditional light source. Therefore, traffic signal heads powered by LED bring drastic improvement in energy efficiency and adapt changes in power supply as compared to any other traditional signal heads prevailing in the industry.


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